Love from Minneapolis Wall & Tabletop Art


Minnesota has a lot to love, with the city of Minneapolis itself being one of the most obvious! This Minnesota-inspired art is cut out of solid pine and treated with a faux aging technique to mimic old barn wood. It’s topped with a small laser cut heart composed of a light-colored birch veneer for contrast, allowing Minneapolis to stand out on the map.

What makes this a both wall art and tabletop art you may ask? Well luckily for us, Minnesota is one of the handful of states that has a flat southern border – okay, let’s be real, it has a foot. And this foot, when cut out of 3/4 of an inch solid pine is more than enough to provide the stability needed to stand on its own. Perhaps on your mantle if you have one? But if you hang your stockings from your media console like us, I also cut a keyhole slot in the back of the piece to allow it to be hung on a wall as well. So go ahead hang or rest this wherever your Minneapolis-lovin’ heart desires!

(It may go without saying, but allow me to say it anyway. Don’t think of this item as only a way to show your Minneapolis pride. I mean it’s great for that and part of the reason I was inspired to make it. But it’s called “Love from Minneapolis” for another reason too! This item would make an excellent gift to your loved ones who live out of state to show them all the love you’re sending their way throughout the year.)

Please be aware that not every piece of wood looks the same and due to these natural variations in wood grain and color, yours may be slightly different than shown. These variations are what make handcrafted items unique and one of a kind!

This piece measures about 7 inches tall from tip to foot and 6.25 inches at its widest.

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